4 Tips When Seeing An Escort

advice for guys seeing an escort


I’ve been innocently waiting for your arrival and I’m very glad that you’re finally here. That
you’re finally making the decision to reveal a whole new world and experience a night of
pleasure with an escort.

What’s taken you so long? Was it the endless questions that have been constantly running
through your mind? Perhaps it was an imaginary fear?

Whether you’re one of our regular clients or a novice first-timer, satisfy your curiosity urges
and silence those doubts by reading my top four tips when seeing an escort.

Master these and you’ll be mastering one of us in no time.

1. Know the Laws.
There’s common confusion among clients that the act of hiring an escort is a criminal
offence. This misunderstanding couldn’t be any further from the truth and you’ve got no
reason to worry or have concern as our work is completely legal in NSW.

Sexy Sydney Escorts abides by strict laws and regulations which means that the only law
enforcement office who will be knocking on your door is the one you’ve requested to arrive
dressed in uniform and ready for action.

2. Find the Perfect Escort.

Is it a Brazilian bombshell with curvaceous hips and bouncing breasts you desire? Maybe it’s
a petite French brunette with piercing brown eyes?

You wouldn’t purchase your dream car without doing your research and it’s why we want
you to take the same approach when selecting your dream escort. Sexy Sydney Escorts
understands that every man, including yourself, has an ideal woman in mind which is why
we have an entire portfolio of women.

We know that there’s a preferred age, bust size, nationality. Oh, did I also mention there’s a
visual slideshow of each of us….

Whether it’s me or my best friend whom you’re after, you can click here to see more of us.

3. Figure out your budget.
Sexy Sydney Escorts is a premium high-class escort agency. Price is what you pay, and value
is what you get. After you’ve selected your escort of choice, it’s important to figure out your
budget and gain an understanding of the service you desire. Every one of us has varying
rates for the different services we offer, but our outcall base rate involves an exchange
between $450 and $850 per hour.

If you’re unsure of what service you think would suit you best, there’s no harm in
experimenting and deciding for yourself. You can look at each of our profile offerings online
here or discreetly talk to our booking staff to find out about each of our offerings or our
favourite services.

Some of our escorts love voyeurism or anal whereas I crave to be asked to dress seductively
as a schoolgirl and get a hard punishing by my teacher after class…

4. Prioritise Communication.
In order for us to provide the most amount of satisfaction to you, it’s really important that
you’re specific and direct about what you’re seeking. Although we’re very good at reading
your body and what it likes when we’re performing pleasurable acts, we can’t unfortunately
always read your mind.

Your time is valuable. So is ours. We kindly ask that if you’re running late, as you would to a
doctor’s appointment, you call and let us know so that we have prior notice and can still
enticingly await your arrival. If instead, you’re feeling nervous or have any concerns leading
up to our date or night together, all it takes is a simple message to let us know what’s on
your mind. We’ll reassure that you won’t regret anything.

We want you to feel safe, we want you to feel comfortable and above all, we want you to
have fun and experience sexual pleasure like you’ve never felt before.

To create your own fantasy experience, book an intimate service with one of our girls by
emailing us at [email protected] or call us any time on +61 422 038 822