Escorts - The Myths, Busted.

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You’ve always wanted to spend an evening with one of our escorts, but you’re unsure about what to expect.

Don’t worry, many of our clients are initially hesitant to form a relationship with our women and use our services, with great confusion surrounding the escorting industry.

Your torn between not wanting to contribute to an individual’s exploitation, but you’re also seeking a healthy way to explore your sexuality and pleasure.

I want to spend some time enlightening and clarifying any incorrect assumptions or myths you might have about escorts and the work we passionately perform.

Myth #1: The Escort Business is Illegal

The work we undertake is entirely legal sweetheart. In Sydney, anybody who is over the age of 18 is legally allowed to provide sexual services in exchange for money, favours or goods.

Our clients seek our escort girls for unwinding purposes. What two consenting adults decide to do in private can’t be illegal.

We assure you that our sole purpose is to pleasure you, not get you into trouble. Unless of course, you want us to handcuff and punish you with a

Myth #2: Escorting and prostitution are the same.

While both share several similar qualities, nothing could be further from the truth.
When hiring a prostitute, you’re paying solely for the act of sex, or anal, or the blowjob etc.
As escorts, you’re paying for the time you spend with us rather than just exchange sex for money.

Many of our clients will tell you how much they appreciate that we are good listeners, providing an ear without judgement.

We offer you the intimacy, companionship and comfort you desperately need as an operating human being. Sex is just an added bonus.

Myth #3: People only pay for sex because they’re unhappy with what they’re receiving at home.

There is often misconstrued information around the type of men who seek out escorts.

The truth is that there are actually many different reasons between clients as to why they choose to use our services at Sexy Sydney Escorts.

For some, visiting us allows fulfilment of spontaneous desires for sex at particular times, whilst for others, they crave certain fantasies and wish to be satisfied by a woman of specific ethnicity, size or appearance.

We have successful business executives who struggle with time to make a commitment and simply desire to enjoy the company of beautiful women who they deem as healthy company.
Many men also work far away from home and merely need sexual tension relief.

Myth #4: Escorts enter the job out of desperation

We are passionate about empowering our escorts and providing them with independence and support. The work we perform affords us a comfortable lifestyle that is worth the respect it deserves.

All of our escorts at Sexy Sydney Escorts willingly choose to enter the sex industry and are well cared for.

We’re proud to provide a service that is very desired and one that provides individuals with happiness, excitement and an intense amount of pleasure.

To create your own fantasy experience, book an intimate service with one of our girls by emailing us at [email protected] or call us any time on +61 422 038 822