Our Escorts 5 Favourite Sex Positions

sex positions

Is your private sex life becoming more predictable than your workday routine?

Despite many of my clients enjoying the same positions and having their personal favourites, we always love throwing surprises at Sexy Sydney Escorts and introducing something new into the bedroom.

Our top 5 favourite sex positions involve intimacy, variety, adventure and a whole lot of pleasure.


Spooning is one of my personal favourite positions for heating up winter foreplay. After slipping my clothes off and sliding into bed, skin-to-skin contact allows me to push my hips and angle my pussy to heighten arousal levels whilst you kiss my neck, stroke my nipples and massage my wet clitoris.
Lying back to front means minimal effort yet maximal pleasure. A position perfect for first timers who are feeling slightly nervous, those wanting to stay warm or hard-working men who have had a stressful day and want to relax.

Reverse Cowgirl

I want to welcome you to the land of reverse cowgirl. Similar to the girl-on-top position, only this time reversed and a land where the views are much, much better. I’ll often begin by getting you to lie on your back before straddling and lowering myself onto you.
I love this position because it allows me to be in control. Moving up and down, grinding back and forth in circles and bending forward means that you don’t have to do any of the hard work, yet you’re rewarded with incredible visuals of my pussy being stretched as I glide your cock in and out.
If you’re being a good boy, I might even assign your fingers the task of preparing me for anal play.

Sofa Straddle

A crowd favourite for porn lovers, the sofa straddle is my go-too position when I find myself surrendering to the sexual urge I experience whilst watching girl on girl. There’s something extremely erotic about lifting my dress up, pulling my underwear to the side and sliding myself onto you as you continue watching your favourite Netflix or porn series.
You can easily pick me up and transport me to the bedroom when you’re ready but a lot of the time we won’t move far once you start fucking me on the couch of your private loungeroom.

Legs Up Missionary

If missionary is one of your favourite classic positions, a simple movement is all it takes to transition into this position and discover incredible new pleasure. Similar to the missionary position when you’re on top, I spread open my hips and rest my legs on your shoulders, enhancing your dominance and increasing the depth you can thrust.
This is definitely a position we should try if you’re seeking additional pleasure and full control but still want to remain equally connected through eye contact.


The leapfrog position is extremely similar to the classic doggy style. Resting upright on your knees, I assume a face down position on the bed before moving onto my elbows and arching my ass into the air to allow you easy entry.
This is many of my client’s ultimate finishing choice because the position allows you to firmly place your hands on my hips and thrust with intense force until you’re ready to climax. I also love being able to escort my fingers and massage my clitoris, increasing my pain threshold to your deep thrusts.

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