Your First Time With An Escort

gentleman's first time with an escort

As I slid off my robe and revealed the sheer black, satin lingerie beneath, I felt your chest pounding. Your heart beat rapidly as I moved closer and gently placed your hand above my thigh.

We’ve met before, but not like this. You prepared me over dinner last week and I became clear of what you wanted. What you’re looking for, and your deepest desires when spending a night together with a woman. We’ve connected emotionally but not yet physically.

It’s your first time and you don’t know what to expect. Men are always nervous with new experiences, so I whisper in your ear that I’m here for you, and only you. That if you remember to follow the rules that you can do as you please. I want to act out your most private fantasies, to turn your boyhood dreams into reality.

As you sit on the end of your bed, I begin to move both of your hands down the curves of my body, guiding you along the fabric seams of my bra. I quietly offer a small moan and I sense your body beginning to relax.

“Do you like it when I touch you?” you whisper, as you slowly become more confident and start to freely explore my body.

Biting my lip, I nod in response.

I firmly push you backwards before widening my hips and straddle you as you’ve asked. You get aroused by a woman in charge which means tonight, I’m in control. I begin to have you remove my bra which release a set of natural, full breasts begging for attention. You touch my erect nipples, sending shockwaves down my body, and I automatically begin to grind rhythmically deeper, pushing firmer against you.

As your cock attempts to burst from your jeans, I know you’re ready.

Unleashing it, I stroke you firmly, sliding my hand up and down, until you ease yourself back and close your eyes. Every so often, a moan escapes your lips, reaffirming to me what exactly what is it which brings you pleasure.

Adrenalin runs rapidly through your body and after what seems like an eternity of time, you can’t postpone your urges any longer. As I try to resist the force of your hands, you part my legs open and I find myself surrendering, letting you slide between my moist thighs and readily enter me.

With each thrust, you get harder. The immense fire burning throughout your body as it heads to the area between your legs. Your chest rubs against my breasts as I grab your hips and drive you deeper into me. I get louder and louder, almost at a scream before you erupt inside me.

You stay over me until you’re completely finished. Gently, you pull your entire length out of me before lying beside me in bed and catching your breath.

After I leave, you realise that I was meant for this.

Every visit from then on was easier.

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